The experience of Love, the supreme surrender, shatters many ideas or images we have of ourselves. It bares us and at the same time it shows us the uniqueness of our true face. Accepting this comparison isn’t simple, and we often prefer to stay on the surface, in a casual relationship, alone or, on the contrary, in many relationships…

In this workshop we’ll explore the defenses, the certainties and the behaviors that separate us from the uniquely true experience that we were born in this life for: to love.

To whom it’s aimed at?

Quality in our relationships

To those that wish to take care of themselves and of their sentimental relationships. To those who feel that not everything in our heart finds a way of expression that can be shared, and that help can be useful. To those that wish to take a step towards the true wealth: a healthy, fulfilling and complete relationship.

Why participate: because the quality of our relationships is a daily challenge that involves all of us. Because the only thing that matters in the end is how much love we have shared. Because many of the so-called problems often are nothing more than the concrete form of the difficulty to love. Because every thing must be cultivated.

The Experience


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