The Inner Judge (or super ego) is that structure inside us that never makes us feel serene, that criticizes, compares and judges everything we do or feel. It develops in the first 7 years of your life, and is the fruit of the internalization of all those prohibitions, critiques or requests that we’ve received inside our family unit.

Every time we try to follow our own nature, an impulse from our guts, we feel that a voice inside is stopping us. It instills the doubts that it won’t work, that surely there’ll be a terrible price to pay, that we’ll be abandoned. Or it’ll make comparisons telling us that if you do that, the same thing that happened the last time will happen again… As if everything could eternally repeat itself in the same way, as if we never had any real chances.

In the work proposed we’ll explore the birth and structure of the Inner Judge, and we’ll experiment together some techniques to recognize its presence and to stop its “attacks”. By learning to recognize these mechanisms, by waking up from this “trance” in which they drag us, we’ll begin to recover our way back home.. towards our true nature.

The motivation, the tools, the benefits of the work on THE INTERIOR JUDGE.

The greatest obstacle to the growth of our conscience is conditioning: it can be family, social, cultural and expresses itself through the voice of the Inner Judge.

The less you judge the more you love

To grow up together is my passion

Balance between all parts

What does the INNER JUDGE ?

The judge evaluates, compares, judges, rewards, punishes all our actions and thoughts of others. It establishes which are the accepted feelings, the “legitimate” reactions, the impulses to censor, it doses our intensity, evaluates our work, justifies our lack of presence,our excesses of zeal.

What can we do?

1. Learn to recognize the presence of the judge (acceptance of reality)
2. Re-appropriation of the contact with the body, the only part not manipulable by the Judge (rooting and breathing)
3. Turn the gaze from outside to inside, from the other to me and observe how the difficulties are not generated by the behavior of others but by our reaction to them (taking responsibility).

How does working on the INNER JUDGE benefit me?

Working on the Inner Judge, a lot of inner resources up to now submerged will come back to light:
1. We will recover confidence in our possibilities. What previously seemed like an impassable wall, with the tools acquired becomes a path to be shaped.
2. We will recover the contact with the voice of the heart. Out of the mental conflicts of right or wrong, there is a place of listening and truth that allows a new understanding.
3. We will learn to support our ability to be present through techniques that you can use independently and daily.
We will experience what it means to feel up to, be able and finally able to manage that inner whine that continually threatened our serenity.

The Experience

Inner Judge

advanced level

Only for those who have done previous work experience on Inner Judge

Why always deepen the work on the Inner Judge?
Simply because the more you judge, the less you love.

In this workshop we will deepen the structure and functioning of the Inner Judge. We will see how many of our behaviors are governed by the need to “look like something” in the eyes of others. We will see how the need for security and approval affects the expression of our true nature.



DATE JUDGE: 3 days residential group

22 – 24 March 2019

Colli Morenici VR


to request

DATE JUDGE – basic course 4 meetings:

06/10/2019 – Mantova – parte 1 h.9.30-17.30

(open to everyone)

27/10/2019 – Mantova – parte 2 h.9.30-17.30

(for those who have just done part 1)

17/11/2019 – Mantova – parte 3 h.9.30-17.30

(for those who have just done part 1 and 2)

08/12/2019 – Mantova – parte 4 h.9.30-17.30

(for those who have just done part 1, 2, 3)

Wizard’s Palace


DATE JUDGE: 4 days advanced group

21 October – 3 November  2019 – VR

Colli Morenici VR


to request


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