Basic trust is an innate quality of our being, it’s our very own nature free from social and domestic conditionings. It’s connected with our authentic ability to feel, deeply rooted in the present moment. It’s the quiet force that sustains us during change, with decisions, during wait.
The depth of contact with basic trust determines the quality of our approach to love and to life.

When you’re not able to let go and to feel trust, the certainty in your qualities starts failing, you feel unsuitable, incompetent, and the deep support that sustains your inner strength crumbles. Or you could perceive the people around you as unbelievably stressful. You constantly put their actions and intentions under discussion, feeling unhappy, and believing that control is the only way out. As soon as our cellular trust awakens, we learn to recognize possibilities and ways to approach our objectives that were invisible before.


Winning back Basic Trust releases your unexpressed qualities

The contact with Basic Trust allows us to stay here now and experience what there is now in the field. When trust is present, the awareness of what is happening inside you allows you to see that your system is doing its best for that given situation. Loss in Basic Trust generates the rejection of the present moment, a strong anxiety of control, a sense of confusion and at the end helplessness. In fact, distancing yourself from this natural state of being means losing contact with the awareness that what is happening is not only necessary, but it’s good for where it will take you

This essential quality, present in the human being since birth, is deeply connected to the quality of the support and care of the environment we have found around us at the moment of our arrival in this life. The sense of security and protection that we have received or that we have lacked has allowed this quality to expand or to shrink. The proposed work will have exactly the purpose of resuming that expansion: to rediscover the contact with that “good voice” that gently whispers a timeless truth.

If you are unhappy, learn trust, nothing else will help. If you don't find any meaning in life, learn trust. Osho
Trust gives meaning, because it makes you able to allow the whole to enter within you. Osho

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